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Ja Rule The Reign. Yea [echoes] I feel the rain comin down on me niggas, heh [echoes] When the sun gon shine? [echoes] My lord, somebody us all, heheh [echoes] [singer: repeat in background] I think the reign is callin murda (Murda) I think the reign is callin murdaaa (Mur - da) I think the reign is callin murda (Murda) I think the reign is callin murder (Mur - da) [1st verse:] Dear Lord, can you, feel my pain If you cant its alright, cause Ima live my life anyway Just let, it, rain - on me I feel, so free like a, cool breeze And when the sun dont, shine Fold up the mini-blinds, load up them lucky 9 hit em from behind Thats, my, life - and itll never be the same Never again, and the game is to blame Dont get caught up in your Range Rover, pullin over On the Westside highway shoulder, Ill blow ya like a windshield, leave yo mind on the windshield And have yo whip through in windmills, thats what rain feels like, when its hittin a little harder than drizzlin pickles flyin out pistols, gotta niggaz cryin they Christians I cant believe has come to this Its unheard of, now its gonna reign down murder


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