BIG DISCOUNT! BIG DISCOUNT! BIG DISCOUNT!LITTLE BAGUIO TERRACES- located along N. Domingo St. and Aurora Blvd- between Gilmore and J. Ruiz LRT2 stations10% Promo DISCOUNT!NO RESERVATION FEE!15k monthly for 2BR Units (Special Offer)AVAILABLE RENT TO OWN Units2BR (30sqm) – 22k monthly / 146k DP move-in3BR (60sqm) – 45k monthly only / 311k DPRFO READY Units by 2018 (NO DOWM PAYMENT)10% of TCP to move-in or 18months2BR (30sqm) - 16k monthlyUNIT DELIVERABLES:- Ceramic tiles in living, dining, kitchen and bedroom areas- Ceramic tiles in toilet and bath- Custom built under-counter kitchen cabinets- Provision for mechanical ventilation for kitchen and toilet- Provision for air-conditioning unit opening for bedroom/sEASY REQUIREMENTS to avail a unit:– 2 valid govt IDs (photocopy)– Passport ID for foreigners or Filipino Abroad (scanned copy)- Proof of Billing (original)– Post Dated ChecksFREE ACTUAL VIEWING!LIMITED Units only!HURRY and INQUIRE NOW!


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