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This lotion makes skin feel soft to the touch. Soft like an infants botttom. With all the nautral minerals the earth has to use. They likewise use natural ingredients to make a lasting attractive aroma simply for males, that will linger with them all day. It is made just for men. They understand a males face and how it will be affected by shaving and the aspects. With their natural and special formula for men they deal with those special needs. It is a skin lotion that is not made with damaging parabens. The natural oils are rapidly taken in by the skin and will secure it from the effects of the components. The damage from wind and sun along with toxins. Through vitamin E and C, it will stop totally free radicals in its tracks. Saving the skin from premature wrinkling and creases. Along with saving it from drying. It will moisturize the skin with Dead Sea Minerals leaving it looking fresh as the morning dew. This is their trick to create the finest face moisturizer for males. Glycerin: This keeps the skin moisturized on a deep level and secures the skin from pollutants and organisms that trigger damage to the skin. Allantoin: This is a natural chemical compound produces by living organisms which offers a soothing impact on the skin. If you shave and chafe yourself, then you will not feel it. Its an anti-irritant and a natural healer. Argan Oil - An unusual oil, produced from nuts grown just in Morocco, which nourishes the hair and the scalp with wetness. African Shea Oil - This oil is in fact understood for anti aging and is hypoallergenic. It slows the aging process of the skin so your skin feels and look more youthful. Centella Asiatica - This is the extract from the Centella Asiatica leaves. It is understood for deep skin renewal for its anti aging benefits. It can even repair injuries.


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