h.Falling down the stairsmdash;talk about your clicheacute;d cover-up. Heren Adidas Hamburg Leather Witte Zwart SchoenenMarc wouldhave laughed if he wasnrsquo;t so fucking sick of the same old story. Heren Adidas Hamburg Leather Zwart SchoenenGrowingup in Harlem, hersquo;d dealt with domestic violence victims aplenty,including his own mother. Why couldnrsquo;t these women see that Heren Adidas Hamburg Suede Blauw Witte Schoenencovering fortheir abusers was as good as giving the sick sons of bitches a licenseto killmdash;them? ;Where?rdquo; he asked, his fingers firming on the clipboard.Twirling a hank of honey-colored hair, waist-length and tangled beyondthe retro beehive, she bit her bruised bottom lip.;At home.rdquo;He glanced from her ringless left hand back to her chart. Forty-One ParkAvenue, one of those overpriced midtown high rises that invariablyannounced


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