If you’re looking for a tour that keeps you close enough to the shops to enjoy creature comforts, but allows you to also enjoy the country’s best tourism spots – the Big Three City Tour is the best choice. Here’s the top 3 cities and what you can see and do there:Siem Reap is actually a pretty popular destination and to tourists, it’s known as a resort town. The architecture is colonial, and often Chinese style; and it’s filled with a fantastic array of hotels, resorts, restaurants and shopping. Siem Reap is that is located so close to the beautiful Angkor Wat temple.Located in the north west of the country, Battambang was founded in the 11th Century by the Khmer Empire and it is where the majority of Cambodia’s rice comes from. It’s located on the Sangkae River and is filled with French Colonial architecture. Phnom Penh used to be known as Krong Chaktomuk and is the busiest city in the country. It’s on the banks of both the Mekong River and Tonle Sap – both of which are extremely popular destinations for travellers to Cambodia. It was once known as the Pearl of Asia and there are lots of French colonial builders to explore.


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